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My primary focus is on fashion, Editorial, Stock & Look-Books: clothing, jewelry & accessories.

Other photography services offered:

Headshots (corporate, performing arts, bloggers)

Family Portraits

Pet Portraits



Jianhui London • Cathayana • Brooke Jaron • Karetaa (Kareetta) • Flix Premiere • 

Great Rock Capital • Deutsche Bank • Quantum •  Striped Cobra • eventbrite • 

Flying Studios • FIRELFLY

All photo sessions: I use a high resolution, full frame, Sony mirrorless camera.

Included in all package fees:

USB flash drive containing the following:

-Original formatted photos


- Post processed photos Both large format for print

reduced size for efficient

social media sharing and web uploading

ALL photos within this site are best viewed on a computer — for higher resolution.

temporary photo


To inquire about rates and availability for a full photo shoot or headshots, please send me a detailed message regarding the following:

*Company (corporate contract only)

*Company Web Address (corporate contract only)

*Phone Number

*Best day and time to reach you

*Types of photos needed for marketing, e.g., editorial, look book, street style, head shots

*Location(s) / address(s)


Thank you for your inquiry.  I will be in touch within 24 hrs


Headshots Fees & Process

Individual Headshot fee (Up to 4 outfits) $180

Corporate Headshots (minimum 3 people) at office location $75 per person

*Discuss what type(s) of headshots you need (corporate/business, acting, social media blogging, fashion)


*Decide on location(s) for appropriate style.

Set a date & time.  For outdoor shooting, schedule may change due to unforeseen changes in weather (rain & temperature).

*Once the date and location have been set, the photoshoot can take anywhere between one to two hours depending on the number of outfit changes and shooting location(s).

*After a photoshoot, customer can expect a series of photos to choose from for retouching via a private link from my website within 24 hours.

Individual headshots: up to eight photos can be selected for retouching.

Corporate Headshots: up to 4 photos per person for retouching

*Once the (finalized) photos have been retouched (post processed), you will be sent a link via Google Drive, one folder will contain the original size format for print and a second folder containing the same images in a reduced format size for easy uploading and social media sharing.

*Deposit: A security deposit (50% of headshot fee) is due upon securing a date.  Refund for a security deposit is contigent — only to unforseen poor weather conditions.  There is no rescheduling fee, but a date must be secured within sixty days from its original set date; otherwise, your security deposit will be forfeited.  Should the photographer (myself) have to forfit the photoshoot completely,  your security deposit will be fully refunded.  That said, I am pleased to say I have never cancelled on a client.


Preparing for Headshots

Hair: Make certain your hair is cut and styled to your liking

Clothing: Make sure your clothes are ironed or steamed, free of stains or animal hairs.  In addition, make sure your shoes are clean or presentable to your liking.

Complexion: Make certain your makeup is to your liking, e.g. blush, mascara and eye liner are clean.

If you have dark circles under your eyes, it’s best to apply light cover up; this will help reduce the post processing thus not making your photo(s) less digitally air brushed.

Teeth: Make sure you have properly brushed and flossed your teeth.  You don’t want to take a picture with food particles stuck in your teeth.  Teeth can be whitened to a natural shade of white – based on your natural color of teeth.

Eyes: Make sure your eyes are not bloodshot, use eye drops as necessary. 


Post Processing

Kindly Note:  I am not a digital artist, I do light touch-ups, e.g., skin smoothing & blemish removal, teeth whitening, eye redness removal.


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